Why Buying is More Popular Than Selling in Football Spread Betting

Why buying is more popular than selling in football spread betting
Buying is and always has been more popular in football spread betting and well, spread betting in general. There are two major reasons why and once you understand them it is pretty easy to see why more people choose to buy rather to sell.

The first reason, and quite an important one at that is that when you buy, you can work out how much you will be risking if you lose. When you sell, you simply can’t calculate how much you are risking.
Lets use a couple of examples to explain. If you are football spread betting and you buy on a total goals scored market of 2 – 3, the most you could possibly lose is 3 times your stake. This is because the minimum amount of goals possible in the game is 0. To work out profit/loss you find the difference between the spread and the outcome then multiply it by your stake. So here we have 0 goals minus 3 goals = -3. Say you had bet £10 per goal, then the calculation would be -3 multiplied by 10 = -£30.

So we can work out exactly what our maximum loss would be from buying.
If we chose to sell and 2 goals, we don’t know what the maximum number of goals could be in the match. Theoretically it is an infinite number. Although there are limits within the game time and we know how many goals are scored on average, we don’t actually know how many the maximum will be in the game.

This is one reason why buying is more popular than selling.
The second reason is due to excitement. Let’s use the total goals scored example again. When you buy, your bet starts to win once a certain number of goals have been scored. Before that happens you are on the edge of your seat waiting for all the goals to flood in. Once you reach the spread that you bought at you are in profit and after that every goal that goes in will make you even more profit.

On the other hand, if you sell you actually start the game making the most profit because the goal total is as far away from the spread on the selling side as it can be. So every goal that does go in is actually making you less profit. To add to this, the goal margin could also tip over to the buying side and then start to actually lose you money.

This the second major reason why buying is more popular.
The spread betting companies realise this fact, so make the selling side of the market more favourable to the punter.

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